New website

After a week of hard work, tweaking and searching for a perfect CMS, finally, I am satisfied with my web server setup. The hardest part was to decide on a CMS. After a lot of testing I have settled in Wordpress. My web server is running well. Apache, MySQL and PHP are playing nice together.

My web server runs on a Raspberry Pi, a credit card sized, $25 computer based on ARM processor capable of running GNU/Linux. It is a cute little computer sitting quietly at a corner of my home consuming very little power. It is not a work horse but its good enough for serving web pages for my wife and myself.

Previously, I installed Arch Linux Arm on my Raspberry Pi. But later I installed Raspbian, a Debian based distribution optimized for the Raspberry Pi.

For the DNS service, I use free dynamic DNS provided by DNSdynamic. If everything works out I am going to register my own domain name for this website.

As I said, the hardest part was finding a perfect CMS for me. I have tested Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress. Initially I was inclined to Joomla since I used it before. But after some testing I found that it is easy to modify wordpress themes and I can control everything and anything I like. So, here I am with my shining new website generated by wordpress with a customized theme.

This is a brief history of this website. I am planning on writing some tutorials on how to set up Raspbian/Debian, Apache, MySQL, PHP, wordpress ... the whole webserver. So, stay tuned.